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About Me

About Me

Dr. Parthenia Grant, Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN, is a holistic therapist for emotional trauma, wellness expert, award-winning author, poet, public speaker, and most recently, a retired professor of critical thinking who was born with lupus and fibrocystic disease. In her late 20's, she was hospitalized for weeks before being diagnosed and released to go home and put her affairs in order because there was nothing that could be done for her since her condition was acute and she had contracted it as a child.  After being released, Dr. Grant decided she had too much to live for and that no team of doctors were going to play God, telling her how long she had to live. She weaned herself off of the steroids and anti-inflammatory prescriptions and went on an organic, macrobiotic diet that got rid of most of her systems. Two decades later, she switched to an all raw diet. Now, she follows an 80/20 raw/cooked food vegetarian diet.  In her practice, she utilizes a holistic, non-dualistic approach to healing that incorporates BioRegulation/PEMF  therapy (i.e., Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency); emotional stress management; trauma release; conscious uncoupling; cognitive behavioral therapy; detox; nutritional supplements; yoga; meditation; and spirituality, to bring the mind and body back into balance.

Dr. Grant's ongoing quest for the latest natural, energetic healing modalities, that do no harm and have no side effects, lead her to the discovery of wellness devices based on the work of Tesla and Rife. Routine use of PEMF devices can alleviate pain, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue and others symptoms associated with common conditions such as heart disease, lupus, cancer, diabetes, autism, multiple sclerosis, etc., all of which have inflammation and an over growth of Candida (yeast, mold and fungus) in common.

PEMF is the energy medicine of the future.  It has no side effects and mitigates damage to the nervous system caused by bombardment of negative electromagnetic frequencies (EMF's) produced by electronic devices, microwaves, and power lines.  PEMF therapy increases circulation, oxygenates the cells and builds new communication pathways to help the body regulate and heal itself. Daily stress and the numerous array of toxins in our air, water, and food supply require regular detox therapy and regulation of body systems on these devices, even for those not suffering from chronic diseases, whereas chronic conditions necessitate more frequent sessions with PEMF home devices to assist the body in doing what it does best: heal itself. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Grant has inspired thousands of people to lose weight, heal their bodies and souls, and seek inner peace. She is a Wellness Expert for Go Healthy California, Network Talent, Clarity Zone Magazine and CRN Digital Magazine. She has also served as a relationship expert forTake 5 - Broadminded SM radio 155 and as a Hollywood Expert for the BBC’s Radio 1. She is certified and trained in Reike, Theta Healing, Psych-K, The Reconnection, Deeksha, and the Yuen Method.

Dr. Grant is listed in Who's Who Among American Teachers and Montclair's Who's Who Among Collegiate Faulty. Dr. Grant served as a tenured professor of Critical Thinking in the English Dept. at L.A. Mission College until 2014, where she won Professor of the Year and Most Inspirational Professor numerous times. Dr. Grant earned her Ph.D. in social psychology from the International University, her Masters from California State University, Dominguez Hills and her bachelor’s from The University of Houston. She is an award winning author of six books, including the best seller, "I Thought I Was the Crazy One." Her "Show Biz Kids" book won an Irwin Award.  Her poetry and short fiction won numerous national and international awards.

Dr. Grant earned a fellowship to Oneness University in India where she was initiated into The Oneness Blessing. She is also one of the 40 Founding Members of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Academy of Awareness. Ruiz is the author of The Four Agreements. Dr. Grant has been a keynote speaker for California Endowment Sponsored Obesity Prevention Day; Agape International’s Well Being Conference; The Health Conscious Expo,  Contact information: email: Phone: 818-660-9050(WhatsApp)



Bachelor of Arts 1981

University of Houston, Central Campus Houston, Texas

Masters of Art 1999

California State University, Domingues Hills

Ph.D. Program - Core Course Work


Union Institute University Cincinnati, Ohio

PhD, Social Psychology

International University Missouri, USA Campus Dissertation Published 2004

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