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Unblock, unlock, reveal and heal the wounds in the way of fulfilling your divine purpose for incarnating on earth.

This Self Mastery class will be based on your own personal Human Design Chart, at the time of your birth, revealing the gifts you came here with, along the obstacles and challenges you need to master in order to develop your unique gifts and talents so that you can build, achieve, and realize your dreams.

This is a hybrid-online class with weekly conference calls designed to teach you techniques to break through blocks in the way of fulfilling your destiny. The class will combine astrology with cognitive behavioral therapy, spiritual psychology, the Tao, I Ching, and ancient symbols that unlock answers to the mystery of your existence here on earth, revealing keys to personal growth and successful relationships in all areas of life.

Let nothing stand in the way of fulfilling your soul’s mission on earth for this life time.

Enroll now! Classes limited due to personal interaction with Dr. Grant and access to your Human Design Astrologer.ription of the course.

Price includes the price of the course $128 and necessary course materials: A personalized astrology chart and reading for $125.

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