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This course teaches you how to stop getting tripped out over your own ego or tripped up by the ego of others. Suitable for ages 12 and up who get that the only problem in the world is the ego, but don’t know where to start. The only person, place or thing standing between you and your dreams is your ego and the only one who can get that tyrant out of the way is you.

Ego Tripping 101 is the first in a series of three classes designed to make you the master and the ego your shadow. The goal of this course is to move you out of being a house divided against its own schizophrenic, dualistic nature. The course contains an impressive and comprehensive reading list combined with links to videos and audio files designed to move you into alignment with your higher self so that you can find and fulfill your divine purpose. Ego Tripping 101 is for students who are ready to get off the hamster wheel of low self esteem; for those tired of being a doormat or being bullied by the ego of others or their own; and for those who have had enough of being sabotaged by their own self defeating behavior.

If you are done with being repeatedly lead into blind alleys, jobs or relationships where you end up being emotionally, psychologically or physically abused by the egos of others; or, if you are simply tired of your own ego’s insanely slow suicidal behavior (i.e., addictive bad habits are a slow form of suicide), then this course can move you into becoming the master of your fate vs. a victim of circumstances. Sign up today and step into the you that you always wanted to become. You must successfully complete this course to sign up for Ego Slapping 102, which focuses on mastering the Eight Ego Altars that keep you a slave to your addictions or that keep you stuck or codependent.

This is a hybrid online course that requires live, weekly, group phone sessions via Zoom and WhatsApp. Please download these apps on your phone to that allow for direct interaction with Dr. Grant and other students via group texts and phone calls.

To contact Dr. Grant about prerequisites or concurrent enrollment, please email her at Send details stating what course you are interested in and when you are available for a WhatsApp phone or Skype interview. rt description of the course.


The primary impediments to moving out of the ego’s state of duality and into oneness with the Divine are the fears, illusions, ignorance, manipulations, and control games the ego created to give itself control and dominion over humanity.  In a state of forgetfulness and fear, humanity surrendered its Sovereign, infinite god like self to the dictates of a shadow that can only reflect darkness.  Through a fear based ego, humans bound themselves to a state of schizophrenia that pits the higher self against its pseudo, shadow self.  Identification with the shadow self as an integral part of the divine self, obscures clear communication with the Higher Self, which has remained connected to and in a state of grace with the Creator. Meanwhile, humanity remains a house divided against itself, relying on a false, shadowy self that can only lead one into ever deeper states of separation from source, feelings of isolation and estrangement, and meaningless pursuits.  All the while, seeking substitutes for reconnection with the Divine through material gain, the pleasure principle, and every form of addiction, great and small.

As a result of the forgoing, most of humanity have lived their lives in a state of prolonged suffering, desperation, premature aging, disease, and needless pain caused by separation from the Divinity that is hidden in the last place one would look: an open, forgiving and compassionate heart. Thus, the direct road back to reconnection with the Divine remains unaccessible to the majority of humanity who believe that it’s simply not possible to forgive some “sins” (an archery term that means to miss the mark); and those only able to extend compassion to those who think, believe or look like them.  This exclusion of the “other,” as if the widespread diversity in humanity means that every human does not belong to a single species called the human race, which is singular … race is not plural in that connotation.

The dichotomous thinking that the “other” is not connected to all “others” keeps masses of humanity locked outside the gates of utopia.  Yes, even those on a devout religious or spiritual path tend to arrive with their ego in tow where no dark shadows can go.  If you were to ask the average person if their ego is the real problem with their problems, they would get offended.  “Who me?  I have no problems with my ego!” And that is the problem; they have no problem with their ego; They identify with it and believe they couldn’t exist egoless. This course is designed to help individuals see clearly through and master the Eight Ego Altars that keep them blindly wandering in the wilderness, unable to enter the Kingdom of Utopia where no egos are allowed to live.  If you think life wouldn’t be worthwhile without your ego, then you will never experience real ecstasy nor true bliss.  For attachment to your shadow self, “must you knock and wait a while, unheeded at the gate of the blessed.” (Kahlil Gibran).


What have we overlooked in our desperately illogical, inept and inane attempts to end the cycle of insanity, separation, war, and suffering each time we incarnate on earth?  The answer is always obvious. The following Haiku I wrote in undergraduate gets to the heart of the matter: “Seeking the complex answer, I overlook the simple solution.”  My spiritual quest has been one long magnificent journey that began when I was 9 years old.  I read every book I could get my hands on and studied under every philosopher, every religious, spiritual, and metaphysical teacher of every denomination, background and walk of life throughout the US and abroad, mindful to avoid anything associated with the dark arts.  Looking back, clearly, I was being Divinely guided and prepared for my future calling as a professor, psychologist and author.  All of the decades of continual study and application to see what worked and what did not, enabled me to be of better service to college students and clients from all over the world.  Ultimately, what I found in my quest is that all problems, all suffering and all misery lead back to being attached to the Eight Ego Altars of Separation. They not only impair physical health and vitality, but keep humanity stuck in low level emotions that retard cognitive functioning while impeding proper use of logic, reasoning, and common sense.

Focus of this course: 

This course contains a series of psychological software upgrades and basic truths designed to reboot one’s spirit to propel it out of the  perpetual fear of poverty, death, and the belief that suffering is inevitable.  We suffer because we believe the lie that we do not have an immortal soul. Belief in fallacies compel otherwise intelligent people to live lives of “quiet desperation” or to sell their immortal souls to an egotistical tyrant for a pittance.

(1) Taking personal responsibility for being self reliant while learning to exchange co-dependence for inter-dependency within a group setting.  Students are required to do the inner work, combined with group therapy to heal the psychological traumas and wounds of the past that lead individuals to believe they are victims of circumstance vs. powerful beings.

(2) Examining universal and personal ego fallacies and assumptions that lead individuals to harm themselves, others, or the earth, and that keep them playing small.

(3) Developing discernment.  Developing the ability to recognize the ignorance and naïveté of yourself and others through the lens of forgiveness and compassion in the old adage: “But for the grace of God, there goes I”. Discernment allows one to see through ego arguments cleverly designed to prove the truth a lie or the lie a truth,  thereby permitting you to peacefully walk away from them.

(3) Breaking the vicious cycle of shame, secrecy and fear of being exposed for engaging in the Ego Altars.  Accepting that one’s behavior is not who one is and focusing on changing it.


Humanity is now being given special dispensations to accelerate moving into alignment with their higher selves.  This course is one of those dispensations.  It is designed for busy people on the go.  As such, it does not require austerities, like going into a cave, or ashram to accomplish.

Unconscious attachment to the Eight Ego Altars keep the majority of humanity out of integrity, seeking, but never finding, and absorbed in meaningless service to the self.  The three Ego Mastery Courses are completed in 6 week modules, with small, everyday tasks designed to apply the simple tools and high vibrational information in a consistent, systematic and meaningful way to break the hypnotic rhythm of “Drifting” as Napoleon Hill put it.  His book, “Outwitting the Devil” is included. The course is accelerated to allow for quick completion to prevent discouragement, because “discouragement is the sharpest tool in the Devil’s toolbox.”


This Course is designed to move graduates out of perpetual competition, conflict and “striving,” be it for approval, satisfaction, wholeness, bliss, enlightenment, or self-realization and into a state of knowing who you truly are and into alignment with that truth.  It offers appealing alternatives for self destructive habits.


To become a house that is no longer divided against itself. This course opens up clear channels of communication to access universal truths that allow you to move into an expansive state of awareness and grace through reunion with your Higher Self.

To reach the 51% level of selfless service to others while being mindful of filling the other 49% of the equation with personal growth and expansion into joy and gratitude.


This course combines 12 Universal Principles, applied in a unique manner to help you move out of the separation and duality caused by attachment to the Eight Ego Altars.

This three-part course culminates in an Alchemical Marriage ceremony upon satisfactory completion of all three classes. The ceremony is designed to provide public witness to the integration of the two halves of an individual into one united whole.


Suitable for ages 12 and up. This course is nondenominational, free of dogma, and open to all races, creeds, colors, and religious denominations. It does require, however, an open mind capable of critical thinking, ready to move beyond dogma and blind beliefs, into truths that can only be discerned through the heart.

The purest intent of religion was to do what this course is setting out to do: lead you back to oneness with the Higher Self, which will take you to the next step on the journey that leads to Oneness with the creator.  That part of the journey gets subverted and hijacked when you are under the influence of the Eight Ego Altars.  Until this century, the path back to oneness with the Creator was so confusing and arduous as to be almost impossible.  That is why, during the last two ascension cycles, no souls ascended.

Humanity is being graciously granted time to master forgiveness and to develop the all encompassing compassion that leads to genuine kindness to themselves and others for not knowing better and thus not doing better.  This course offers the tools to move out of identification and co-dependency with the ego and into alignment with the higher self.


Those ready to take a leap of faith that lands them in reliance on the infinite source of power within and into an upgraded version of yourself.

This class is for serious seekers already on a path of ascension who are are feeling stuck and seeking clarity and a simple,  clear-cut path to the Divine that has not been cleverly hijacked by someone else’s ego or those still caught up in their own ego dramas.


A sincere desire for truth and understanding above all else, along with a clear intention to become the master of your ego vs. its slave, coupled with a longing to move out of the limits of this 3D reality and into a higher dimension of awareness; and an inner “knowing” of who you truly are.  Get ready to embark on a magical and mystical journey that opens the gates to the Kingdom of Utopia.


  • Completing required reading, videos, journal, and assignments.

  • Keeping a journal/video blog of your progress throughout the course.

  • Participating in a weekly teleconference Dr. Grant and with other members of the group to learn from their triumphs and challenges. Students are only allowed to miss one meeting.

  • Posting daily insights onto the student forum, from the assigned materials, along with breakthroughs, and challenges. Responding to the posts of other students.

  • Turning in an honest self-evaluation regarding which of the Eight Ego Altars and the 12 Principles you think you have transcended and which ones are your biggest challenges.

  • Submitting an exit exam designed to demonstrate practical application and assimilation of the materials and objectives of Ego Mastering Academy.

If you pass the course with a proficiency of 51%, out of a total of 100%, you are ready to participate in the alchemical union of your lower self with your I AM Presence in a sacred We Are One Weddings™ ceremony.

The only way you will fail this course is if your personal and spiritual advancement is not a true a priority, or if you do not bother to complete the assignments, apply the principles, post on the forum and participate in the weekly skype/tele conference.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Reconnect into oneness with your I AM Presence to establish a clear channel of communication with the Higher Self that never fell from grace. This is a prerequisite for you being able to establish, on your own a direct dial up to the Divine..

  • Develop inner discernment between truth and falsehood regarding the inner guidance, direction or information you are receiving to ensure  that it has not been reprogrammed or hijacked by your ego, the ego of others, or by imposter spirits working with the forces of darkness.

  • Know how to protect yourself from outside interference from imposter spirits to avoid getting misguided information that has been tainted or diluted or that is deliberately designed to derail your progress or distract you.

  • Discern whether the information you are receiving from within is directly from your Higher Self/I AM Presence, your ego, or an imposter.

  • Master a simple meditation and breath technique designed to accelerate your process.

  • Move into integrity, and alignment with yourself, others, and the Divine.

  • Participate in a sacred, alchemical ceremony designed to move you out of duality via a symbolic divorce from your ego before entering into an alchemical wedding with your Higher Self.

  • Live in alignment with the Law of One as a sovereign, authentic, individual, free from guilt and manipulation.


Each course covers a six week time period.  The last week is devoted to completing essay questions along with an individual exit interview by Dr. Grant, that includes course corrections, if any, for improvement.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Transcending Ego Tripping | Beginners Course
Transcending Ego Tripping | Beginners Course 00:00:00
Week 1 : Transcending Ego Tripping
Unit1: Week 1 – Transcending Ego Tripping 00:00:00
Week 2 : Transcending Ego Tripping
Unit 2: Week 2 -Transcending Ego Tripping 00:00:00
Week 3 : Transcending Ego Tripping
Unit 3 : Week 3- Transcending Ego Tripping 00:00:00
Week 4 : Transcending Ego Tripping
Unit 4 : Week 4 – Transcending Ego Tripping 00:00:00
Week 5: Transcending Ego Tripping
Unit 5 : Week 5 – Transcending Ego Tripping 00:00:00

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