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Tune in to Divine Love Talk with HostDr. Parthenia Grant and her co-host, Kim Michaels, author, and expert on ego and spirituality along with Co-Host and expert, Sarah Larsen, MD  on Mondays 11am-noon Pacific Time on CRN Channels 1 and 2 where you will learn secrets to Longevity and health; ways to move into Oneness: discover powerful tools to gain Victory over self sabotage, and get Enlightened about relationships.  To watch podcasts of previous shows, go to http://www.youtube.com/user/divinelovetalkcrn.  To listen live during the broadcast, log on to www.CRNtalk.com, then scroll to Monday’s shows and click on Divine Love Talk Mondays at 11am PST. Watch Divine Love talk Videos!


The most important relationship in our lives is our relationship with our Divine selves. Once we begin to focus our energies on self transcendence of the fears and dramas of our egos, and balancing the out of control masculine by calling in the Divine Feminine, we will not have time to blame and accuse others for the misery in our lives because the work we put into becoming non-reactive, peaceful warriors, is in alignment with Gandhi’s advice to “become the change you want to see in the world.”  When we change, we don’t have to worry about trying to change others. They will react differently to the change in us.

Divine Love Talk promotes balancing the masculine and feminine energies in men and women; living in a spirit of cooperation (constructive-win/win) with all that is vs. competition (destructive (win/lose).  And cultivating a desire to “receive for the sake of having more to share” vs. a desire to  receive for the self alone” (Kabbalah).  The universe acts as a Cosmic Mirror, thus, if we think negative, limiting thoughts, they get reflected back at us in the form of negative, limiting relationships and situations.  And any harm we do to others also gets reflected back to us.  Therefore, the most loving thing one can do for oneself is to be forgiving toward those who harm, judge or condemn others.

About the Host, Dr. Parthenia Grant:

Dr. Grant is listed in Who’s Who Among American Teachers and Montclair’s Who’s Who Among Collegiate Faulty.  She served as a tenured professor of Critical Thinking in the English Dept. at L.A. Mission College until Summer 2014.  At Mission, she was awarded Professor of the Year, Most Inspirational Professor, and Outstanding Service Awards numerous times.

Dr. Grant earned her Ph.D. in social psychology from the International University, her Masters from California State University, Dominguez Hills and her bachelor’s from The University of Houston. She is the author of six books, including the Amazon.com best seller I Thought I Was The Crazy One.  Her Show Biz Kids book won an Irwin Award.

Dr. Grant earned a fellowship to Oneness University in India; is one of the 40 Founding Members of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Academy of Awareness. Dr. Grant is also a public speaker and has done keynote addresses for organizations such as: California Endowment Sponsored Obesity Prevention Day; Agape International’s Well Being Conference; The Health Conscious Expo, etc.

Dr. Grant has helped thousands of people lose weight, heal their bodies and souls, and find peace within themselves and with others.  She is a Wellness Expert for Go Healthy California, Network Talent, Destination Love Life on L. A. Talk Live Radio and Role Model Worldwide Magazine. She has also served as a relationship expert for Take 5 – Broadminded SM radio 155 and as Hollywood Expert for the BBC’s Radio 1. She is certified and trained in Reike, Theta Healing, Psych-K, The Reconnection and the Yuen Method.

Contact information: divinelovetalk@gmail.com doctorparthenia@aol.com 


KIM MICHAELS, Co-HOST, Author, Expert on Spirituality and the Ego.  Author of The Spiritual Road to Self Esteem; Freedom From Ego Illusions; Freedom From Ego Games; and Freedom From Ego Dramas.  http://www.transcendencetoolbox.com.   The information and spiritual tools Kim Michaels provides for free on all of his websites afford sincere spiritual seekers the inner strength, sense of safety, and peace of mind they are searching for.  More importantly, Kim’s books and websites provide ample answers to questions spiritual students have been seeking all of their lives regarding the nature of good and evil; why we are here; and how we can regain the paradise we lost.  Moreover, students of sacred texts from around the world, like the Bible, the Vedas, the Zohar, Kabbalah, the Koran, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads, etc., will find that Kim Michael’s many books simplify, update, and create relevancy for today.   His body of work also offers clear hope for transcending the crippling and alienating effects of one’s negative ego.  That is not saying a little.  That it is saying everything that means anything to today’s spiritual adept.


Dr Sarah PictureSARAH LARSENM.D., Health and Wellness Expert.  Dr. Sarah Larsen is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers you in living purposefully and powerfully. Her work transforms people’s lives very rapidly. She is the founder of Organic Health Mastery, a 3rd Generation Palm Reader and received her Medical Doctor degree from Medical University of the Americas. Her approach to wellness, counseling, and hand analysis has been described as merging ancient wisdom and modern medicine for optimal health. She is a world-class speaker, entrepreneur, artist and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit.  Dr. Larsen lives in Los Angeles, CA and Linwood, MN with her husband and two children.  Please ask her more about Siddha Medicine, Nourish America non-profit, Agape Spiritual Center and The Gateway! www.DrSarahLarsen.com


EXPERT:  James Beard, Doctor of Divinity.  – Expert on Anger Management and Balancing the Masculine and Feminine.  Dr. Beard has the most successful anger management program in America with the lowest repeat offender rate anywhere.  His unique combination of spirituality, authenticity, street sense, and compassion allow the men in his program to make quantum paradigm shifts into honesty with themselves and toward taking personal responsibility for their actions and reactions to others.  His couples alumni classes afford men, who have hurt the women in their lives, to make amends and/or come back together in a spirit of forgiveness and a commitment to moving forward with integrity and respect for the women who have loved and who continue to support them.

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