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Holistic TherapyDr. Parthenia Grant is an intuitive empath capable of discerning the mental and/or emotional blockages keeping you stuck in repetitive cycles on a hamster wheel of depression, addiction, anxiety, dis-ease and self destructive patterns.  She is adept with combining edge, holistic protocols designed to help you reach rapid emotional, mental, and spiritual liberation.  Her unique gifts are personalized to fit the particular needs of your situation, background and temperament.  She has a proven track record that spans over two decades of helping thousands of clients and students make 180 degree turns in their lives and careers.  She has received numerous awards for her service and expertise.

Dr. Grant also incorporates cutting edge technology in her therapy sessions such as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) and Bio-Regulation devices, along with diet, herbs, and ancient wisdom to wipe out anxiety, panic attacks depression, inflammation, pain, old emotional wounds, traumas, and blockages on a cellular and spiritual level.  With her help, you need not spend years or decades in psychotherapy to get a breakthrough; you can experience it today.

If you are ready to let go of the past by surrendering the old and stepping into the healthy, new you, book your session today!


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Emotional Trauma Recovery


Dr. Grant is no ordinary therapist.  Her compassionate, non-judgmental and witty approach to recovery is designed to  help individuals get the lesson and move out of pain and suffering.  One of her many gifts is helping clients learn to view the trauma from a higher, spiritual perspective that entails looking for the lesson, gift or behavioral change necessary to reframe the trauma in a way that allows the individual to move from victim to victor after to finding the purpose the trauma serves in helping them grow.  In transcending trauma, often an individual is moved to, in turn, help others avoid the same pitfall or mistakes they have made.

Emotional trauma can be one of the most difficult ordeals because it's often buried deep in the unconscious, distorting one's perception of reality.  Pulling patients out of the deep, dark depths of the unconscious can be hit and miss even for the most gifted, qualified, and experienced mental health practitioner, but not for Dr. Parthenia Grant. Why?  Because is an intuitive empath with a specialty in trauma and abuse after overcoming her own childhood abuses and trauma.  As a result, she is not afraid to delve deeply into the social, political, spiritual, economic and/or physical factors that are preventing individuals from healing and letting go of the pain of the past.

Her use of PEMF/Bio-Regulation Therapy also helps patients release resistance to therapy at a cellular level, thereby increasing the speed of trauma recovery and the effectiveness of her cognitive behavioral techniques that turn bad habits into stepping stones to new paths.

If you are ready to turn your worst tragedy into your greatest gift, [/accordion] [accordion title="Nutrition Consulting" connect="119"] 

Anti-Candida Diet

Bust those gut-busting critters, parasites, and culprits behind 80% of the most common diseases and illnesses known to humanity, from autism, cancer, lupus, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer's, to fibromyalgia.

Dr. Grant has decades of expertise in creating Anti Candida diets, combined with detox and emotional release of the traumas behind these diseases to help you come up with a simple plan that leaves you satisfied and free from cravings.

Dr. Grant began studying Chinese medicine at the age of 9 and ended up using her own accumulated store house of knowledge of based around herbs, nutrition and natural foods to stabilize childhood lupus in herself and her daughter after doctors had sent her home to live a short life of pain and despair. She decided that was not her destiny and took personal responsibility for healing the emotional, spiritual and physical causes behind the dis-ease.

With each client, she takes the time to get to know the preferences and eating styles of each to be able to create delectable meal plans that contain healthy, yet satisfying substitutes for your favorite comfort foods that do not feed Candida yet taste just as satisfying as your old tried and true "go to" foods.

Dr. Grant has also trained award winning chefs to become extraordinary raw food/vegan/vegetarian chefs. Because she has discerning taste buds and enjoys meals that look and taste good that are also healthy for you, she knows that, if meals do not taste good; if they are not satisfying; if they are too complicated to prepare; or if they are too expensive to purchase or prepare, most people will not follow through with a healthy life style devoted to supporting and sustaining life.

Dr. Grant's plan combines detox, PEMF, Bio-Regulation therapy to cleanse the body and help it heal by using the earth's natural frequencies to enable it to do what it is naturally designed to do: heal itself.[/accordion]

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Conscious UncouplingBreaking up is never easy, especially when money, assets, property, or children are involved.  When you add betrayal to the mix, this can cause one or both parties to focus on retaliation, greed, and/or selfishness just to punish the offending party.

If you are going through a break up, or if you are at odds with an ex and are finding that this situation is in the way of you being at peace with yourself or others, it is possible to uncouple consciously, to come to fair financial decisions, and do what is in the best interest of all concerned.  Allow Dr. Grant to help prevent you from burning bridges, throwing thousands of dollars away on attorney's fees, and destroying your children, yourself or others by seeking intervention to prevent irreparable damage.

Allow a seasoned, intuitive therapist like Dr. Grant to assist you in shifting out of a need to be right and move you into a place of peace and harmony with the world.



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