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I uncovered the light within myself

I am a returning student from Dr. Grant’s Transcending Ego Tripping Course. Her courses on Self Mastery and Ego “Slappery” are so powerful, they were able to take someone, like me, with a full-blown personality disorder, and provide me with tools to develop enough self-awareness to see the subtle signs of the ego in the form of the 8 Deadly Sins.  This course single handily helped save my life. I was headed down a very slippery slope of depression and self-destruction. I didn’t think I could’ve escaped the gravity of the very deep black hole that I dug for myself. But with her guidance, infinite patience, and the tools,  she helped me move out of the darkness and into the light. Her classes are priceless, and I wish I could have grown up on this material because I think I would have started living the wonderful life that I now live much sooner.

Vanessa Benjamin Student/Client

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