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I was ready for my life to change!

If you have come across this class, you are being divinely guided to your greater yet to be. You know this, but will you let fear overpower your yearning to live out your dreams? When I was introduced to this class, I wanted to run the opposite way with my million excuses as to why this class wasn’t for me. I stopped those fears from squandering the opportunity of a lifetime, thinking to myself, “if this class is here in front of me now, I must be ready for it.”

That was the best decision I have ever made. The teachings and insights that come from this class are immeasurable and priceless; and it is only the beginning. Before taking this class, I claimed to be “spiritual” and acted as if I knew what I was talking about. Now I can see I was full of it. Taking this course will get you to a place where you can see the limitations and facades that you set for yourself as well as give you the tools to break through those barriers and to stop playing small. Like anything of value, it takes effort and persistence from YOU to get to that place you keep on envisioning for yourself. Those who have tried to act, deceive, and manipulate their way through this class have failed miserably; you cannot lie your way to paradise. When you are serious about your greatness, your greatness will be serious about you. Your only risk in taking this class is losing what no longer serves you, and in return, you gain what has been calling you all along.


April Swalley Student/Client

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