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She helped me be a better parent

I certainly witnessed the many faces of the ego first hand in your course on transcending the ego. Taking this course was a life-changing experience which allowed me to discover who the hell I really was! Like Taylor Swift I battled with the many versions of my ego. Had it not been for the support of the class and Dr. Parthenia my ego would have continued it’s dumb shit antics. Like being too proud, taking shit personal, and unable to set healthy boundaries with every relationship in my life. As a mother, this was unbelievably necessary and a dire need! I have been given the greatest advantage to have been given such pearls of wisdom. Thanks to this course, my son will grow up with positive influential role models who will assist him with independent thinking and enlightenment. His father, too, completed the course. We both agreed there wasn’t a single program out there providing the parenting skills and tools necessary to apply in this world of duality we struggle to come to terms with. This is a transformative life course that everyone age 12 and up should take! Especially, if you’re raising children.

Natalie Rivera Student/Client

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