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She is an extraordinary holistic psychologist

Having Dr. Grant as my teacher and guide has changed my life completely. I wouldn’t trade her for any other. I was honestly hitting rock bottom when I reconnected with her and started learning proudly about myself, and educating myself at a higher level, overcoming negative beliefs and actions that weren’t serving me, but instead, were negatively affecting me in every way. I feel very blessed and lucky to have her as my professor, she’s an amazing woman. I haven’t met anyone who would tell me the truth about all I was doing wrong and how I was draining myself with nonsense. With the necessary tools she provided me in her online courses, I put a lot of effort into practicing how to correct myself and my life. She is also an extraordinary holistic psychologist, I have no words to describe how amazing of a psychologist she is.n their infancy.

Lisa Plumley Student/Client

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