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The Right-Brain: The Key to Humanity’s Spiritual Freedom

The Right-Brain: The Key to Humanity’s Spiritual Freedom

Balancing the Right-Brain and Left-brain in Order to Obtain Spiritual Freedom From the 8 Shadow Selves/Ego

In this article, I discuss the right-brain: the key to humanity’s spiritual freedom and how critical it is for humanity to balance the right-brain and the left-brain in order to cultivate the qualities needed to overcome the darkness of the 8 Shadow Selves and the ego, and earn our spiritual freedom. Can the creativity and feminine nature inherent in the right-brain that will help us solve the spiritual, existential, and social problems we face today?

Excerpt from
“The 8 Seductive Shadow Selves”
Dr. Parthenia Grant(March 2018 Release)
The right-brain and spiritual freedom A great deal of humankind is beginning to awaken from the nightmare of separation created by left-brain masculine dominance that left the world out of balance and orphaned from the feminine side of the brain, known as the “right side.”  Through left-brain dominance, humanity became motherless children wandering in a wasteland feeling abandoned, alone, and afraid of what tomorrow might bring.
Many are beginning to remember whose we are as they enter into a knowingness that, minus the ego’s many shadow selves, we are a reflection of WHOM and WHAT we love, not of who or what is incapable of loving us back.
The virus of fear that controls the ego-centered dominant left brain, keeps the cycle of insanity running a cognitive dissidence program that compels individuals to believe that two opposite and opposing viewpoints can both be true.  Orwell calls it Double Think and Double Speak. Native Americans call it speaking with a forked tongue.  In simple terms, the left brain is adept at lies, manipulation, and deceit.
The following quote describes the left brain conundrum quite cogently:
“Your left brain is a hormonally retarded, perceptually limited and cognitively impaired version of the right hemisphere of the brain.”- Ian R Crain
Yeah, I know. That probably enrages left brain dominant individuals who are also “proud” (ahh, there goes pride with its inevitable downfall) to be contemptuous of those they deem dumber then they are (and none are as bright as they think they are); or, alternately callous and cruel toward those they view as inferior; while viciously competitive with the rest.
Not surprisingly, left brain dominant individuals tend to prefer being disconnected from the feminine heart of the universe mostly because it gave birth to love and light. And we all know that light makes darkness disappear while exposing dark deeds.  And indeed, this book will reveal the 8 Dark Temptations hidden in plain sight that the so-called Elite don’t want you to know how to shake free of.  In reality, the so-called Elite do not have the real power that they’ve misled humanity into believing they have.  In truth, Humans have far more real power hidden in the secret chamber of their hearts.
Let’s get a glimpse at how to better identify left brain dominant thinking and behavior. Note that the Matrix tries to program everyone to be left brain dominant.  Fortunately, however, creative souls are the defiant ones (i.e., usually poets, writers, artists, and other non-conformists) who refuse to be locked in the box of left brain dominance.
Left brain identified individuals tend to be interested primarily in connecting with those who can do something for them, like making them look good. Appearances are important to them, which is why they love “bling and things.” They also tend to seek the superficial company of those who meet, suit, or further the ego’s agenda.  Their favorite way to connect is through wound bonding or against a perceived common enemy or external threat.  And, they feel more comfortable in the hustle and bustle of materialistic, technologically advanced social constructs built around domination, control, and a hierarchical system of power over others who are subordinate to them.
You will also notice that left-brain dominant individuals tend to reject the fundamental law of quantum entanglement because that indicates they just might be connected, after all, to the feminine source of creation, whom they harbor deep contempt for mostly because she does not wage war, nor seek to control, subjugate or dominate others like masculine energy is driven to do.  She can only embody love and light, which the fear infested egocentric left brain views as weakness.  But Love does not wage war against its own creations. Moreover, the high vibrational frequency of love provides automatic protection against the discordant frequency of fear.  The Ego is afraid of being destroyed by that love.  This is one of the secrets the egocentric left brain would rather you not know. But this book will show you how to use that secret to free yourself from fear-based mind control traps that keep you feeling victimized and powerless when you are far more powerful than a parasite. That’s what the ego is, a parasite who needs your energy to survive. It uses actual physical parasites as well as energetic parasites to drain your energy and life force. So, who actually needs whom? Think about it!
Xenophobic, left brain identified individuals are associated with what I like to call The Cult of Death. The irony is that they fear their own death and annihilation, yet, those overtaken by these parasites, get an orgasmic thrill from the torture, pain, and murder of others.
Duality based concepts such as control, domination, win/lose; Us vs. Them; separation, conflict, pain, bloodshed, and mass murder via war, are the food that fuel them.
The left brain dominant individuals also tend to focus on negatively polarizing itself to the deepest depths possible through misapplying Free Will.  It also loves to play high risk, death-defying games like how fast and how close can you drive on the edge of a mountain road at night, with no guard rails to prevent you from plunging into the dark abyss at the base of the mountain.
Because The Cult of Death squeezed their heart chakras shut, and deliberately cut their souls off from the feminine heart of the universe (those that actually have souls … some do not), no amount of love sent to them has, as yet, managed to heal their hardened little hearts because they remain at war with the Source of soul healing, the Divine Feminine.
On the other hand, beings operating primarily from the right brain are innately capable of loving with an open heart and hand that seeks only to share its love and divinely inspired creations.  Such souls are beginning to understand that they are not defined by those who reject creativity and loving-kindness just because it comes from the feminine side of the brain.
I find it interesting that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the physical body, which is masculine, while the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body which is the feminine side.  And, in American politics, the conservative right wing is linked to the masculine, right side of the body.
The Cult of Death is deeply identified with the physical body and the five senses connected to it. By its very nature, the Death Cult does not believe in anything outside of its own limited constructs.
So, for those done dealing with dominant left brain duality, “Matrix gone mad games;” for those ready to fall in love with the joy, compassion, and bliss that emanates from the right-brained, feminine heart of the universe; for those done seeking love outside of the self or within the shadowy world of the egocentric left dominated brain; and, for those done with polarization, let us meet in the middle where left brain and right brain can come together as an integrated whole. Let us move forward, together, upon this journey of self-discovery into the co-creative world of the right brain, which has not been encouraged nor allowed to be explored in any great depth because of the demonization of everything feminine.
It begins with asking the right question.  Who or what are these shadows that stalk the mind of the dominant left brain day and night? The answer, in a nutshell is: They are insubstantial, illusionary fluff composed of the endless, multifarious array of fears created by a left brain mind gone mad from catching a contagious virus that makes the shadow world of left brain dominance, a dangerously insane place to allow your mind to continue to wander around in.  It’s no wonder the second leading cause of death among teens is suicide, something we will look at later in the book and address from a spiritual perspective.
The time to seek integration and harmony between men and women is now, not later because both need healing.
So, men and women, boys and girls, let’s link arms and walk together out of the “shadow of death” that the “prison of the left brain-mind” created, back to sanity and wholeness by co-creating a whole new reality that begins with welcoming the right brain home and allowing its creative and imaginative mind to help heal the world. After all, the right brain has a natural inoculation against the virus of fear, which left brain dominant warmongers of madness are direly in need of healing if humanity is to make its next evolutionary leap as a species.
Parthenia Grant, PhD
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