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Wonder Woman: Off Planet Origins of The War Between The Sexes & The New Human Prototype

Wonder Woman: Off Planet Origins of The War Between The Sexes & The New Human Prototype

Wonder Woman: Off Planet Origins of The War Between The Sexes & The New Human prototype. It didn’t surprise ME one bit that Lebanon, Algeria, and Tunisia banned the new Wonder Woman movie.  Nor was I surprised that Hollywood cast a controversial female, with staunch Zionist views in the lead.  That’s what it does … Hollywood gives with one hand and takes with the other.  It seems to be saying: If you want a super (s)hero, you’ve got to be willing to face the shadow side of human nature, which can be fanatical, biased, psychotic, and naive simultaneously.  The irony and complexity of these issues led me to add my two cents into the mix out of a desire to shed light on the hidden history behind the Wonder Woman myth while addressing a few of the unresolved and unconscious social issues we continue to grapple with today vs. focusing on the obvious anti-Palestinian views of the leading lady, which I do not in any way support.  Her personal political views are symptomatic of much larger issues.  It is important to discuss the white elephant in the room: sexism, racism, nationalism and classism.  As a professor of critical thinking, I taught this subject matter for 20 years.  And still, these issues continue to be used today to divide the masses, effectively diverting their attention away from the Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain, playing god with a little “g.”  More importantly, I have a policy of being the first in line to read or watch anything banned by the status quo, because I know that what we are sold or taught is actually the opposite of the truth.  It’s our job to read between the lines and to develop the discernment to find the hidden disclosure that Hollywood embeds in many of its box office hits.  Remember: Nothing is what it appears to be on the surface.

When a comic book (s)hero is being banned anywhere in the world, this is a clear indicator that the world has deep wounds greatly in need of addressing.  So let’s take a look at why Hollywood created such controversy to begin with in the casting of the leading lady.  That ploy was simply a red herring to get people to divert their attention to the symptom of the disease affecting humanity vs. the cause.  So, let’s start with the “simple” truth before moving into the deeper, more symbolic messages in the movie, based on my 30 years of research into who is really behind the incessant wars on the planet; the motive behind an inequitable-slave-based-minimum-wage-economy; and the misogyny that rules the world.
As a professor of critical thinking, I look for the underlying historical messages, mistaken as myths in movies, books, and current world events.  The movie Wonder Woman contains overt hints as to the origins of the war between the sexes … a war that did not originate with humans; but, rather, one that was cleverly created by beings humanity refers to as gods … gods I designate with a little “g” due to their petty jealousies and obsession with punishing and controlling humans.  I do not believe that God with a big “G,” would punish its creations for misusing the gift of free will when the law of karma automatically takes care of that.
The real truth behind the banning of Wonder Woman will NOT be disclosed in the news.  The question that comes to mind is: Could the real reason why the truth continues to be buried so deep beneath science fiction and comic book characters be related to the fact that those who cannot handle the truth might literally die from shock at the hidden faces behind the curtain currently separating fact from fantasy and what we believe to be reality? Other contributing factors to this conundrum include: rigidly religious fanatics; narrow minded scientists who cannot expand their horizons to embrace quantum physics; those with low emotional IQ’s; those with average IQ’s; and those who blindly follow orders from the upper echelon.  Could the truth cause them to lose their already tenuous grip on reality as a result of blind allegiance to lies crafted by the status quo?  Might the truth give them a heart attack or plummet them into despair to find out that everything they have been taught to be true has been deliberately fabricated to prevent them from discovering a liberating truth about themselves … a truth disclosed later in this expose.
If you are not ready to consider the possibility that “everything is the opposite of what it appears to be,” then stop here.  Go no further.  I would not want to blow your mind, even if that is exactly what the world needs right now … A mind blowing experience to shift the paradigm from being mind controlled to one of controlling your own reality by simply being open to the possibility that, by playing small, you are getting played by heartless, yet clever controllers who feed off of your fear because that is their source of energy and power.

 With the domination of box office hits with science fiction and comic book characters in the lead role, it’s important to pay close attention to the underlying messages presented via hybrid human/ET’s guarding our galaxy; or science fiction space captains working with the Galactic Federation to protect earth from the threat of Artificial Intelligence; or films with up-right walking reptilians, insectoids, or intelligent apes, who view humans as inferior, slaves, livestock, personal property, or life force energy.  There exists ample evidence currently being disclosed by a rash of credible insiders and whistle blowers about humanity’s hidden extraterrestrial origins.  Even the Pope has announced that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe.  I use the word “intelligent” lightly because I tend to agree with Gandhi, who responded, when asked what he thought of American civilization: “I think it would be a good idea.”  Personally, I think humanity evolving toward becoming intelligent would be good idea.
Historically, mythology, parables, and paradoxes have allowed the truth to stay hidden in plain sight.  Those with probing minds and a heart for verity (i.e. truth) seek it beneath layers of animation, action, and violence in film and television.  Mind you, truth is love and love is God with a capital G; thus, truth seeking is normally the forte of those who possess an innate love of truth.
More recently, science fiction has been the preferred medium to prime the minds of the public to accept the reality regarding the way the world has been turned upside by manipulators, who are real live Wizards of Oz, hiding behind curtains.  Hollywood has been the hidden hand used to disseminate gems of truth obfuscated behind smoke, glass and mirrors … looking glasses that give you reflections of your gullibility, ignorance, and naiveté; or, on the other hand, confirmation of your integrity, courage and level of consciousness.  If you belong to the closed mind club, then all you will get from movies like Wonder Woman will be “Pablum” or baby food formulated to further dull an already dim mind … The movie will rock you right back to sleep as soon as you see it. Those who seek truth in all things, however, will be pleased to see the seeds of mass awakening planted in such films.
Mind you, our shadow government pours billions into Hollywood box office hits to prepare people for disclosure via a truth/error mixture that only those who have taken the time to educate themselves, outside of acceptable educational institutions, will readily understand.  Keep in mind that mental institutions are where insane people are kept.  Thus, our public educational systems are created to institutionalize us to accept lies.  On the other hand, I am quite grateful for the hidden hand in Hollywood assisting the public, with inquiring minds who want to know, with the awakening of humanity to accept our ET origins.
Wonder Woman is clearly a new and improved Hollywood prototype of the Phoenix, arisen from the ashes of the old television character, who has now come back to life, shattering old paradigms about a woman’s place on a planet dominated by the masculine energy of war and “might makes right,” or “survival of the fittest.”
 In the movie, these gods are “from heaven,” and heaven is code word for beings who came to earth from outer space.  These same gods tampered with the silica based DNA of humanity (i.e., clay contains silica).  The movie redirects viewers to pay attention to the first creation story in Genesis as opposed to the second accepted patriarchal story in Genesis, wherein woman is created from the rib of Adam.  In the first creation story, man and woman are created together, out of clay … Just like Wonder Woman.  Clay is a code word for the cloning of human DNA.  Wonder Woman states that she was created from clay by her mother. Zeus came in and upgraded Diana’s DNA to imbue her with the attributes of a God, because “only a God can kill another God.”  The message being that Wonder Woman IS the new and improved human model that all have the innate potential to become … the one that Christ foretold would come when he said: “These things I do, even greater things you will do.”  In fact, female comic book (s)heroes like Wonder Woman, are being allowed to fulfill this prophesy of Christ. Keep in mind that Christ also said, “Ye are Gods.” Thus, Wonder Woman is blazing the way for all of humanity to step into  its innate potential as gods and goddesses with a little “g.”
I find it interesting that the suppressed truth about the unlimited power embedded in the minds of human kind has to be revealed to the public through comic book characters.  After all, who would take a story told in a comic book seriously? Well, we all should.  Later, this tradition of revealing truth thru fiction became further widespread via hit sci-fi television shows like Star Trek and Lost in Space to films like 2001 A Space Odyssey and The Matrix.  Moreover, Star Trek prepared the human psyche to accept that the last frontier was not space, but the mind.  And the beat goes on with sci-fi comic book heroes and (s)heroes continuing to break down the walls of un-belief about our place in a universe teeming with truly “intelligent” life and beings with abilities and powers that are as infinite as the human mind.
Let’s face it, until humanity can handle the real history of the original war between the sexes and how and why it’s still being waged today, we will never be able to handle deeper truths about how we have been deceived and lied to by the Wizards of Oz who literally turned the truth on its head by making “everything the opposite of what it appears to be.”
Most first world men and women today, let alone Middle Eastern men and women, cannot handle a female like Wonder Woman who up stages men everywhere she goes.  Wonder Woman, walks with her head held high, wearing tasteful, cutting edge outfits that beautifully bear more ass, cleavage, and upper thighs than the average male or female can stand to behold.  At the same time, she stands in her dignity and refuses to be treated like a sex object.  Moreover, she has no problem calling a spade a spade.  For instance, when Steven’s secretary describes her job duties, Wonder Woman calmly replies: “Where I come from that would be considered “slavery.”  To add insult to injury to the misogynistic status quo, Wonder Woman refuses to obey a single thing any man says to her; and she has absolutely no problem showing men what real courage and integrity looks like.
Let’s not forget that Wonder Woman’s character is also perceived to be an “uppity woman” because she refuses to bow to the conventions of society.  The look of bemusement on her face is priceless as she speaks to officers in the British intelligence room at the lack of intelligence in that room, cogently reflected in her rhetorical question: “Surely I am not the only one in this room” who can decipher ancient Aramaic …”
In the tradition of all Uppity Women, Wonder Woman, has the audacity to walk into a segregated “good old boy’s club” and call out the men ruining the world for the insensitive asses they are for not fighting “along side” their men.  As for the hero, Steven, when he rushes her out of the room full of intelligence officers, she points her finger at these men shouting: “you should be ashamed of yourselves” for sending soldiers off to die defenseless deaths against chemical weapons!  She then turns round and rips Steven a new ass, after he pulls her out of the “intelligence” room, for Steven not standing up to the ignorant fools running the world.
What I found most profound and surprising in the movie were the subtle clues that hint to the origins of the war between the sexes, which prompted me to simplify and share my decades of research into the origins of human kind thereby saving you years of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars that I have already invested in my education. This investment began in third grade by procuring my first non-library book titled “The Best Loved Poems of the American People,” a 600 page volume.  Before that, my money was spent on comic books.  Nevertheless, my first book of poetry inspired me to acquire a diverse library of books covering topics that included American Literature, World literature, history, psychology, sociology, spirituality, mythology, esoteric philosophy, religion, science, quantum physics and metaphysics. This was before the advent of e-books and way before the internet.  Now, my entire library is on a single Kindle Book Reader.
My first reaction to viewing Wonder Woman was reminiscent of the way I felt after watching The
Matrix, The Peaceful Warrior, and What the Bleep Do We Know? I went to see all of those movies more than three times, taking notes each time. Thanks to a much wider perspective gained regarding the origins of humanity that I recently discovered in the books Secret of the Dark Stars by Anton Parks and The Prism of Lyra, by Lyss Royal and Keith Priest.  I only needed to watch Wonder Woman three times because having already read those two books, along with a host of others in that genre, provided me with the missing background information that allowed to me piece together the hidden history I had been earnestly seeking since graduate school.  During that time, I began researching why goddess civilizations were destroyed by males, along with answers to why humanity had waged war throughout its entire written history.  Prior to that time, books such as The Gods of Eden; Holy Blood, Holy Grail; and The Sumerian Tablets opened doors to hidden knowledge on this topic, while leaving me with more questions than answers.
Thanks to my obsession with continuing education and constantly upgrading my mind as well as my plans along with it, I am able to automatically avoid getting stuck in a static state leading to entropy.  The Second Law of Thermo Dynamics essentially states that any being that refuses to continually evolve, automatically devolves in a gradual decline into disorder.  In Wonder Woman, it was The Second Law of Thermo dynamics that lead the gods into a state of war, resulting in the chaos we see today between those who choose to evolve, by seeking higher truths, and the backlash from those who cling to the lie, seeking to maintain the status quo by refusing to grow.

The movie drops clues to the origins of the original genocide committed against the divine feminine by the masculine. This war against women generated an equal and opposite reaction from the feminine, triggering a built in self-preservation response as portrayed by the group of remaining Amazons in the movie Wonder Woman living in a state of utter exile from men while training every day to kick ass and take names later.  This part of the movie is based in actual history.  There was an island of female Amazon warriors who lived in total isolation from men.  Today, the Greek island of Lesbos is where the term Lesbian originates.  This island is loosely associated with the story that Wonder Woman is based on.  Sadly, the public does not realize that all myths are based in fact.  Thus, if you label an historical fact a myth, most people will not bother to research whether that assertion is true or not.  That is because they fear being labeled a conspiracy theorist or worst … crazy.
Viewers are only given a couple of clues in the movie as to why the Amazons are living on an island without a single male.  The movie mentions the war between the gods fighting over the destruction of humanity while only hinting at why the Amazons are hiding out in what appears to be a higher dimension.  A clue to the cause of their isolation is given on the boat when Wonder Woman and Steven talk about sex.  She explains that Steven would not care to read the 12 volumes she has read on sex because the author’s conclusion is that males were only necessary for procreation, not pleasure.  The movie only hints at the war of genocide against the feminine.  According to Anton Parks’ book on Sumerian history, this genocide is based on the divine feminine being endowed with certain powers related to her menstrual blood and being the carrier of life … powers that males did not possess … powers males envied and feared.  These powers prompted the Sumerian god, Anu (and later Enlil) to render females dispensable via cloning.  Once cloning was perfected and instituted, women became dispensable.  That is when genocide was ordered against females.
Today, we are lead to believe that cloning and genetic manipulation is something that only recently became possible.  Not true!  It is spoken of in the first creation story in Genesis.  And the reason why scientists have not been able to find a missing link between apes/cave men and modern man is because the missing link is the tampering of our DNA by the “so called gods”. This is alluded to by Diana stating that her mother sculpted her from clay and Zeus blew the breath of life into her. Breath is code word for electricity, in that, Zeus is associated with the lightening bolt.
 As an interesting aside, in post-graduate school, the “fear of female sexuality” was my original dissertation topic.  Ultimately, I had to abandon that topic completely because I could not get a committee of professors to go anywhere near it; they told me the topic was too controversial.  Unlike, the queen of the Amazons, I did not have anyone to intervene on my behalf with the dissertation topic so I switched subject matter.  Zeus, however, came to the rescue by lending a hand in making Diana a new and improved human prototype.  She contains a god code that can kill a god gone psychotic.
In the movie, Zeus represents Enki, the Annunaki god in Sumerian history who intervened to prevent Anu and Enlil from destroying all of humanity in the great cataclysm. Enki, a brilliant geneticist, also designed and implanted a latent code in humanity’s DNA to assist in remembrance of who they really are: gods with a little “g.”  Thus, once humanity wakes up, they will realize there is no need to continue subjugating and prostrating themselves to gods with a little “g” who are cruel, heartless and petty, like Anu and Enlil.  The former are anti life, anti love, and anti God with a capital “G.”  Incidentally, Aries, the god of war in Wonder Woman, who represents the Sumerian god Enlil, is also Enki’s clone/brother.  Enki cloned Enlil.  The reason why popular Sumerian scholars consider them brothers is because Anu treats Enlil like a son to punish his son, Enki, for intervening, on behalf of humanity, and for taking sides with the females in Aun’s war against women (Parks).
Zeus’ (i.e. Enki’s) intervention on behalf of women allows the surviving female Amazons from the war to live in virtual paradise which afforded them the ability to focus on an upward push toward peace resulting from a natural aversion to violence created by the traumatic war they experienced during the war between the gods with a little “g”  (Parks).  The peace was tenuous and problematic due to the Amazons becoming positively polarized on the opposite extreme of the male’s negative polarization.  The movie portrays this polarization, on opposite sides of both extremes, in Wonder Woman’s relationship with Steven and in Steven’s relationship with Dr. Death and the Nazi’s.  There is no room in the middle for common ground.
The split in polarities within the feminine is exhibited well between Wonder Woman and Dr. Death.  Wonder Woman has been raised in a positively polarized culture, safely hidden from the destructiveness of the negatively polarized masculine.  Dr. Death is polarized in favor of anti-life as evidenced by her determination to annihilate all that is not Nazi or that is not bent on mayhem and destruction.  Dr. Death is a female who has become completely negatively polarized.  Wonder Woman is on the opposite extreme with her completely naive belief in the total goodness of humanity, whom she believes to be simply under the spell of Aires.  She whole-heartedly believes all she has to do is destroy the God of War to get humanity to move back into balance, while Dr. Death believes all she has to do to gain the approval she seeks is to destroy everyone and anything in the way of the pleasure she gains from creating pain and suffering.
Steven, while not as naïve as Wonder Woman about the complicity of humanity in its own ignorance, enslavement, and subsequent degradation, is, nevertheless, equally determined to do his part to put an end to WW II every bit as much as Wonder Woman wants to end the war.  Neither knows the missing pieces of their hidden history, particularly, regarding the manipulation of the minds of humanity. Moreover, the age old split between the masculine and feminine makes it nearly impossible for either to understand each other, much less, the mysterious, magnetic pull of the negative half of themselves toward the opposite polarity of the other.
The irony of the positive polarization of the female Amazons is that, although they lived in paradise and had created peace among themselves, they spent their days in intensive training to defend themselves against the return of the negatively polarized masculine, depicted by the Nazi’s breaking through a parallel dimension, accessing a temporal rip in the space/time continuum via Hitler’s access to advanced alien technology.  It was no surprise that Steven unwittingly lead the Nazi’s into the portal.  He holds a brave, heartfelt, yet misguided belief that, as a spy, he can play both ends against the middle without being used by his superiors who view soldiers as necessary casualties, or “friendly fire” in their “hunger games.”  On the other hand, the Amazons very real fear of war, along with their incessant preparation for it, inevitably activated the law of attraction, pulling in the opposite polarity they feared,  yet focused upon.  This negative focus attracted exactly what the Nazi’s were looking for: War with anything or anyone who opposed it or stood in the way of its agenda.
It was a brilliant ploy on the part of the movie’s creators to depict the polarities between the masculine and feminine as a denotation that the ancient war between the gods was not meant to end … Over the millenniums, it simply morphed into different kinds of wars.  After all, it is only necessary to throw in one BIG, devastating war, on occasion, to get people to feel so relieved by the reprieve that they will pay no never mind to localized wars that break out on one or two continents.  These contained wars can continue to rage non stop without the masses feeling like the world is about to end.  This game keeps humanity in a perpetual state of physical and mental trauma and distress to the point where they cannot think straight let alone exercise critical thinking skills and good judgment.
The worldwide war against women, minorities, and economic disparity has continued unabated throughout history.  The icing on the cake, to insure ongoing terrorization of the world, is reflected in the war against terror that has been raging since 200l.  It is a war OF terror, not against it.  Throughout history, the name of the war game changes, while the objective remains the same. It appears that we have learned little in terms of discernment as the war drums beat on and on.
Needless to say, neither the patriarchal gods nor the matrilineal Amazons were any where near the Tao, or middle way, because neither have moved beyond fear of the shadow aspect of the self.  Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we are all inter connected.  Everything we do affects the quantum field, creating a ripple effect that ultimately reverberates back from whence it came.  For instance, the poverty of the masses ultimately affects the security of the rich in that the poor will eventually rise up to demand their share.  Thus, the two remain polarized in a dizzying dance of co-dependency and dysfunction, leading to manipulation, exploitation, and violence.
The irony is that at the beginning of the movie, neither Steven nor Wonder Woman are cognizant of the fact that ignorance and fear of the opposite sex needs to be transcended for them to meet in the middle.  They cannot find that middle ground with each other because they both see the other as unequal and inferior.
The middle way is through heart centered compassion, caring, active listening, constructive communication, and empathy.  Lack of heart-centered compassion was inherent in the original split off of the negative masculine from the whole, which left it with no positive female container to prevent it from destroying everything in its pursuit of total control and domination, obliterating anything standing in the way of its psychotic pursuit of service to self as depicted by both the Nazis and the patriarchal British males in charge of the war machinery.  There are no good guys to speak of in the movie other than Steven and his little rag tag gang of opportunists.
In that we live in a universe of freewill based on negative and positive polarities, it allows for a vast array of choices between these two polarities.  One of the choices that has not been explored with any degree of seriousness is “singularity” wherein two polarities can choose to work together, through the law of cooperation, to generate equilibrium to balance the two.  Clearly, the road back to singularity is not a choice this planet has pursued for eons, which is what prompted my soul to seek a simple path designed to lead those who are done with the difficulties of polarity, back to balance and an opportunity to pursue a peace that is not tenuous, like the one the Amazons chose.  We can learn from them.  My desire for a simple path back to Singularity ultimately led me to give birth to a hybrid online class called, “SINGULARITY: A Course in Transcending the Duality of the Ego” because the only thing separating us from our god self is the ego.  For more information, go to
Parthenia Grant, PhD is a spiritual psychologist, an award winning author and teacher, a wellness expert, and the host of Cable Radio Network’s weekly talk show Divine Love Talk at
Secret of the Dark Stars by Anton Parks
The Prism of Lyra, by Lyss Royal and Keith Priest.
The Gods of Eden by William Bramley
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The Sumerian Tables, Z. Sitchin
The Matrix, The Wachowski Brothers
2001 A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick
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